Tactical Pen Reviews


Sometimes carrying a knife or a firearm just isn’t an option…

But that doesn’t mean you should be left defenseless.

You have other options. A tactical Pen.

How would you like to carry with you something that is 100% legal everywhere yet can be deployed as a less-lethal (and perhaps deadly force or lethal) weapon if you know how to use it?

Imagine an icepick that can write!

The Tactical Pen is the answer.

I have carried one of these devices for years, and have never had one taken from me.

http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003AACADM?ie=UTF8&creativeASIN=B003AACADM&tag=earn0604-20 Uzi_Tactical Pen Sherade Tactical PenPink

So you ask why is a pen a useful self-defense option? The answer is that is you know how to use the pen to trigger and attack pressure points and weak areas on the human body then the pen can be highly useful to someone defending himself or herself.

The tactical pen, which is designed to not break during combat, can also be used to strike sensitive areas of the human anatomy that could cause great bodily harm or death. Those deadly force targets, such as the eyes, throat, and groin would only be justified to strike if a person was in fear for his or her life and felt the need to use deadly force as an appropriate response to the attack presented. That being said the Tactical Pen must be thought of as both a less-lethal and a potentially lethal weapon. That versatility and its covert appearance are major reasons to own and carry one of these devices.

There are courses and some videos that can help you prepare yourself to use the Tactical Pen. Any of these can be helpful to the person wanting to become proficient in the use of this weapon as with any weapon. A competent martial arts or combatives instructor might also be able to provide you with the proper training.

So where can you get one of these Tactical Pens? There are many sources but you can get one of these pens through the survivallife.com website and an entire course on how to use it, right here:

Click here to snag one before they’re gone

I hope that each of you will consider buying and carrying a Tactical Pen due to the fact that it is a small, covert weapon, which is inexpensive and can save your life when attacked. Plus, who cannot always use another pen?

As always be careful out there and remember, “If not me then who?”


Over and Out….

The Commander


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